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Taveendolve - 12th April 2009

Hi Guys, Just joined up, thought i would say Hi :) Jenny

Rob Miller - 22nd June 2009

Cool site.

Duttyprop - 1st July 2009

Just wanted to say hi and see how everyone's doing - I'm new to the forum.

alexe42 - 8th August 2009

Very nice site!

TOP 10 HOPEFULLS - 12th September 2009

Magic again realy enjoyed it. Cant wait till next year i'll be there.

Julian Foot - 13th September 2009

Fantastic event, superb organisation and awesome highland weather (thank god it wasn't the previous w'end). From team 38 'Best Foot Forward!'

Michael O'Donnell - 14th September 2009

Excellent event and great cause. Very well organised. The boat trip across the loch from leg 5 was immense !

Neil Dymock - 16th September 2009

Thanks for an amazing event...incredibly organised....awesome!! It was a great day apart from the pain, cramp, tears, exhaustion, leg 5, more cramp and tears! The dam thing nearly killed me but we will be back next year... to do it all again a bit faster!!!

hypnoticgenius - 22nd September 2009

Hi all, New to the forum, just thought I'd introduce myself :-)


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