Welcome to First Monster 07, the 120k Loch Ness Team Challenge

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How do I enter? [top]

You enter online here

How much is it to enter? [top]

It is £50.00 per person (£200.00 per team)

Where can I stay? [top]

There are a number of hotels and guest houses in and around Inverness that would be suitable for accommodation. We are delighted to announce that Nirvana Europe is our Accommodation & Travel Agent for this year's event.

Nirvana Europe is one of the top sports travel companies in the UK, arranging travel and accommodation packages for individuals, groups and sports governing bodies to sporting events all over the world. Run by athletes, the company has a special empathy with runners.

Contact Nirvana Europe for all your accommodation and travel requirements: www.nirvanaeurope.com or call: 0191 293 6592.

Why not stay longer and explore the Highlands?
The magic, mystery and legend of Loch Ness and its famous monster have captured the imagination of generations, and now its capturing the imagination of runners worldwide too. The Highlands with their picturesque lochs and scenic glens, stunning coastline and majestic mountain peaks offer the perfect combination for post-race recovery. Discover castles, battlefields, historic sites, nature reserves, visit the magical west coast and enjoy the best of Highland hospitality.
Highland 2007: the year Scotland celebrates Highland culture.
Gaidhealtachd 2007: a' bhliadhna a chomharraicheas Alba cultar na Gaidhealtachd

The following websites will help you plan your trip:

How long do I have to complete each section? [top]

There are no time limits on any particular section. Although the organisers reserve the right to take you off the course if they believe that your health could be compromised. The race will officially finish at 7pm. Any team still on the course will be immediately withdrawn from the race.

How much cycling is on road / off road? [top]

One of the cycling legs is off road. The other three legs are on road.

What type of bike is recommended? [top]

If you are sharing a bike amongst your team, we would suggest a hybrid bike suitable for on and off road. If you are bringing more than one bike for your team we would suggest a road/racing bike for the on road sections and a mountain/hybrid bike for the off-road section.

What happens if a member of my team drops out
before the event?

You can replace them with another member. However, you will need a full complement of four in your team to compete.

How will we get between stages? [top]

There will be transport available to take you to and from the stages.

Are there medical facilities available? [top]

Yes, there will be medical facilities at various check points along the course.

Do I need to be part of a running club to enter? [top]

No, but you will need to be fairly fit and you should be able to run a 10km run and cycle 20km.

Do I have to raise money for charity? [top]

No - but if you do want to raise money and are still uncertain about which charity to support, our designated charity is Save The Children.

Is there an upper or lower age limit? [top]

There is a lower age limit of 18 years old. There is no upper age limit but each member of the team should be able to run a 10km and cycle 20km.

Who can I contact for more information or
if I have specific questions?

Please address all questions to info@firstmonster.co.uk

What will the weather be like? [top]

Your guess is as good as ours! However, you should be prepared for wind, sun and rain. Also remember that you may experience all three throughout the day.

How many teams will be in the race? [top]

The race is limited to 250 teams, so get in early.

When should I enter? [top]

As early as possible. The race will be a sell out, so make sure you apply early.

My friends have received their race pack
but I haven't got mine.

Give it another week if not too close to the event, and then contact us. If close to the event, drop us a line straight away. A cashed cheque means that you’re in so don’t panic!

Address? [top]

Runners often say that they’ve changed address since entering or that they live in a huge block of flats and their post goes missing. Why not get your race pack sent to your workplace if that is more secure.

Refunds [top]

Like all events, entry fees are used to hire land, equipment etc. Therefore, we do not issue refunds after entry.

How fit do you need to be? [top]

You should be fit enough to be able to run at least 10km on the road without stopping and to be able to cycle 20km. Some sections are harder than others, so make sure you put your fittest team member on the toughest legs.

What time should I get there? [top]

There are three key times you need to be aware of:

  • Registration : Takes place on Friday evening between 4.00pm and 9.30pm at Queens Park Stadium
  • Race Briefing: There are two Race Briefing sessions during Registration on the Friday Evening. One at 6.30 pm, and one at 8.30 pm.
  • Race Start: The Race Starts at 7.00am on Saturday morning. You should aim to be at the start area between 6.00am and 6.15am. Buses transporting participants to their running legs will begin boarding at 6.00am.

Parking [top]

There is parking available at the start / finish.

How many in a team? [top]

Only teams of FOUR are accepted. Teams can be single sex or mixed.

Team packs [top]

Will be sent to the Team Leader for distribution.

Team names [top]

Can be anything – serious or funny. Please do not send in anything too obscene.

Results [top]

Results are recorded and posted on the site the next day. Individual prizes are awarded on the day.

Footwear [top]

Your shoes will get wet and muddy so best not wear a brand-new white pair! Shoes with a very good grip are ideal.


For more information contact us at info@firstmonster.co.uk